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The Micro Brewery

The Micro Brewery finally went live in March 2009, after taking several month putting together.

(see Micro Brewery Build MkI.)

But by 2011, I decided to give it an overhaul.

(see Micro Brewery Build MkII.)

Here is a typical brew day process.

Started at about 9am. Got up and went straight in the garage. George wasnt to pleased.. he expected to be walked.

Had filled up the HLT the night before to 42 Ltrs.

Im making a 30 Ltr IPA.

I had cleaned and sanitzed all the kegs on thurs. So gave them a good rinse out, and put the rest of the gubbings into sterilize while the HLT was heating up.

Weighed out all the grains id need ready to mash.

Took 30ish mins for the water in the HLT to hit 80*C.

Transfered the water and put all the grain in giving it a good stir. Took a temp reading and it sat at 67*C. That will do me, so lid on and 90 mins to mess about.

Mash all in and George realises i have time to spare... and comes to remind me its Walkies time... now wheres his ball.

Mash time over, time to start sparging. (brought the HLT back upto 70*C) hit the pump and started draining into the Boiler.

Took a 1st reading of the wort coming out the mash tun.

Then another towards the end after running out of sparge water. (temp 54*C at this stage)

90 min Boil now on (up to boil point so turn one element off) and put in the fuggles.

At the end of the boil time turn on the IC.
(Need to make a CFC to make life easier, but this works well for now.)

Wort down to 24*C and reading 1050.. bit more than expected. You can see the lovely break material clinging together now.

Transfer it to the FV, add in the Nottingham Yeast. Job done.

Added some cold water to bring the liquor loss up to 30 Ltrs and to get a Hydrometer reading of 1042.
Put the lid on and now awaiting the Yeast to do its magic.

Oh and George gets another walk then..

Think he was as knackered as me.

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