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All Grain Brewing.

What Is All Grain Brewing About?
How Much Does It Cost?

What Is All Grain Brewing All About?

Well instead of making your home brew from kits that are available, you can make your brew using the actual ingredients to make "proper" beer/ales.

Real Ale is made with 4 basic ingredients.

Grain (Barley Malt), Hops, Water & Yeast. It really is as simple as that.

Ive made beer from kits for years and years and have enjoyed a lot of them. In Febuary this year (2008) i was fortunate enough to have been bought a few bottles of Fugelstou Ales for my birthday and was pleased as punch to see it was brewed locally and the label said..

"..made with Malt, Hops, Water, Yeast and no crap!!"

This really intriuged me and made me wonder how easy it would be to do this myself, and after supping the ales decide i WAS going to have a go myself.

So i went to my local Homebrew Centre in Grimsby where i had always bought my kits from, and asked what i needed. Since i already had equipment for making kits really all i needed was a boiler, grain and hops to do this.

20 minutes later i left with the last kit beer id ever make and all my All Grain (AG) Brewing equipment ordered.

The following week i made my first AG Brew.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well you going to need all the gear as listed on the Equipment page.
The cost for these pieces are about:

Thermometer 2.85.
Hydrometer 2.65.
Boiler 64.95.
Mashing & Sparge Bag 8.49.
23 Ltr Fermenter 8.25.
Syphon Tube With Tap 3.80.
Large Spoon 1.35.
Measuring Jug 2 Ltr/3.5 Pint 2.35.
Measuring Spoons 3.
Measuring Scales 5-10.
Hop Bags (pack of 3) 0.99.
**King Keg Pressure Barrel 42.49.
**CO2 Bottle New 15.99 Then Refills 4.49
**Bottles (box of 12) 6.35.
**Bottle Capper 8.99.
**Bottle Caps (bag of 100) 1.89.
Sterilizer 100g 1.50.
Yeast 11g 0.99.
Yeast Nutrient 100g 0.99.
Protofloc 30g 1.10.
Grains & Hops for one 23Ltr Brew 6ish.

**You would only need to use either a King Keg Or Bottles to serve your beer.**

But if you were to buy ALL this equipment the total cost is just under 200 all in.

Now this may seem a lot of money to start making beer. But remember from then on its just going to cost you for the Grain & Hops, so about 6 to make 40 Pints.

If we compare this to buying beer in pubs is quite suprising. If we say an average pub beer price is 2.40 x 40 Pints = 96.

40 Pints of All Grain Beer from 6 worth of grain and hops = 0.15/pint.

So by the time you have made 2 batches of AG Beer you have made your money back.

Happy Days.

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